Rehearsals - £12.50 P/H. This rate may seem more then other studios but we don't charge extra for use of any equipment, meaning £12.50 is all you'll pay, which actually works out cheaper for most bands.


Recording - £150 P/D. This covers a full 8 hour day. Any extra time needed on top will be charged at £25 P/H.


Recording P/H - £25 P/H. For the shorter recordings such as voice overs or anything that wont take a full day we offer this competative rate. (most solo/acoustic artists befefit from this rate).


Mixing offline - £15 P/H. Offline mixing is where our engineer/s mix on their own without the band/artist present.


Mixing online - £25 P/H. Mixing online is where the band/artist is present.



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"BSV Studio is by far the best we have used in Nottingham"